Baby It’s Cold Outside (New Video)

Really fun video to do especially since I get to hang out / work with my charming pretty gf.  Only thing is, I feel bad about making her do embarrassing stuff, so I’m always the dork loser in the videos. Oh well.  I was getting so sick of people always talking about how Baby it’s Cold Outside is a “rappey” song and decided to do something a little different.  For the record, I feel like it’s pretty weird, but the worst line – “Say what’s in this drink” actually isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Form what I’ve read, back in the day that phrase was often said as a joke when somebody is getting drunk (on purpose).  They know what’s in the drink, they ordered it or made it, they’re just joking around.  They’re all,  “oh man, this drink is super strong, what’s in it? JK JK I know what’s in it and I know what i’m doing, i just need to say that out loud to pretend like me getting this drunk was an accident.  Good, now let’s make out.”

Also a fun throwback to one of my favorite videos Love Actually



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