EVERYTHING ON:   Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

EVERYTHING ON: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Here’s everything we got on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Mar25, 2016) 
[updated 7/16]

Teaser Trailer

Comic Con Trailer (which is way better)

Cool Sync between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman

View post on imgur.com

Max’s Take: Will 10000000% see it opening night. Affleck looks amazing as old man Bruce Wayne. Storyline looks amazing (look up Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns) Here’s the only thing: Z Snyder makes amazing trailers and makes just Ok Movies, so I’m not sold. For the record, Dark Knight is still the overall #1 best comic book movie of all time. Batman v Superman has the potential to to dethrone, but I don’t think it will because Snyder. Just like no X-Men movie will ever be good because Bryan Singer.


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