Bob’s Burgers Pop Up Burger & Art Exhibit

Bob’s Burgers pop-up is happening this week at Unit 120 in LA’s Chinatown.  Lunch only (11am to 5pm), the walk up pop up art show burger collaboration is based off Bob’s Burgers, the too-popular-to-just-be-underground animated series on FOX. If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers, go watch it. I’ll’s a pop-up?  Well if you have to ask, you’re must be lame AF.  I had to ask.  It’s basically a business that sets up shop in a vacant space for a limited time and only offers a “specialty” item and basically is super exclusive and trendy.  The burger pop-up happens a lot in Los Angeles.  For a city that can’t figure out water pollution, public transportation, suffocating traffic, smog, a drought, how to drive in the rain, or just generally how to handle social situations without an entitled attitude, LA really loves its burgers.  Thrillist sent me to check out the Bob’s Burgers pop-up burger and art show and it was flipping awesome.
YA DOOD LIVE STREAM CLICK HEREFor 8 days, they feature a different specialty burger and exhibit art inspired by the show. I had the Get In My Deli and it was spectacular.  Patty, Brioche bun, pastrami, caramelized onions, swiss cheese and russian dressing – it was outrageous.  photo-dec-08Definitely not the full restaurant experience, however; just a walk-up window.  They had some picnic tables set up, but for the most part people grabbed a burger and ate standing.Unit 120The dining room was taken up by the Bobs Burgers exhibit.  The art was pretty cool, actually, and while it featured Bob, Tina, the restaurant et all it was clearly made by some talented artists.
Bobs ArtCoolest part? I got to meet the creator Loren Bouchard who was smart funny handsome and I wasn’t into him at all.  I asked him the question he gets asked the most (see? savvy interview technique) and he said it’s whether he has a favorite episode (he doesn’t) and when the Archer crossover is coming (no plans as of yet).  I was live-streaming, so I wasn’t able to properly fangirl but he’s a pretty cool guy. Loren

Check it out!  For more information, click here.  The pop up runs through November 10.