Boston’s BEST FOOD – Max’s Guide (Part 1)

Took a trip to Boston with the babygirl.  She had never been, so I decided to take her on a tour de food – all the best places I used to visit growing up.  We made a video, but here are the stops:

Pinocchio’s Pizza: the best pizza in Boston (and that’s saying something). Living in LA, one of the first things I noticed was all the pizza sucks.  Maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s the vegans, who knows – bottom line is you can’t get a good slice anywhere in Southern California.  So one of the first stops on this food tour was the local famous Pinocchio’s, located in Harvard Square.  While their subs and salads are fantastic, their crown jewel is the Sicilian style pizza.  Can’t beat it. (74 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA)

Dillon’s: Back Bay Cocktails and Bar Food 

Perfect spot for a drink before a Red Sox Game, Dillon’s is located at the Fenway end of Boylston street., sporting high end food and an outdoor patio with a mockup of the green monster.  It’s got the prefect blend of Boston:  not only is it a great place to grab a beer and some bar food – it’s a 130 year old historical landmark (built in 1887).

Fenway Park (where else?)You go to Boston, you visit the Cathedral – Fenway Park.  Technically it’s about the baseball, but it’s really the whole experience.  You get a few beers, you have a Fenway Frank and you watch our beloved Red Sox play America’s Game.  As Boston as it gets.


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