Urban Sweat Lodge: A New Fitness Craze

This week we tried SHAPE HOUSE – The first and only urban sweat lodge, where ancient tradition and modern wellness meet to burn calories, deepen sleep, improve skin, lift moods and change lives. According to Carson Daly, Selena Gomez credited Shape House with transforming her body. Other celeb clients include the The Kardashians (Khloe and Kourtney) and LL Cool J (as seen on ... Read More »

I Took a Spin Class! No Seriously

I took a spin class.  You read that right. Smirnoff hit me up and asked if I wanted to spend the afternoon burning calories to celebrate their new Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – their new 90 calories with zero sugar alcoholic beverage.  At 4.5% it’s about the same as a light beer. The way I saw it, they challenged me, so who ... Read More »

Couples Workout

I sortof made up this video.  Also spoiler Brittany is a whole lot stronger than me.  We tried a bunch of workout moves you can do with your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever!  Try it and let me know how it goes. Move #1: Double Pull Ups +KISS Girl lies on the ground with her body completely straight.  Guy steps on either ... Read More »

Fitness Misfits Episode 1: COMPLETE BURN

Crossfit, Barre, Plyo, iso, p90, riptide rush, it seems like every week there’s a new fitness fad.  Since it’s just too much to try them all, Ali Spagnola and I decided to team up and create a new exercise show, Fitness Misfits.   Now you don’t have to sneak in unprepared to every crazy class… we’ll do it for you! ... Read More »

Superhero Workout

London to Santa Monica! Here’s a Translantic bar workout from me and The Potential.  Grow a beard, grab a bar and hit this workout hard.  Make sure you pick a weight you can comfortably lift over your head 30 times (go light). Deadlifts: 30 reps Push press: 30 reps Squat jumps: 30 reps Wall balls: 30 reps Read More »

Another Landmine Workout!

The First one went so well, I thought you guys might like another version. Also, it’s LandMINE not LantLINE.  My computer keeps autocorrecting Same as last time: 5 rounds of 40 seconds of work/ 20 seconds of rest. 5 rounds: 1-Arm Twisting Press 1-Arm Clean & Jerk 1-Arm Side Shoulder Press Twister Read More »

Landmine Workout (Pole in the Hole)

Landmine workouts not only sound super intimidating, they actually get your heart rate up pretty quick.  Try this workout on for size: 5 ROUNDS 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest Lumberjack Squat 1 arm press Backwards Lunge Meadow’s Row Twister Note:  each “round” should consist of 8 exercises: Lumberjack Squat 1 – Arm Press LEFT 1 – Arm Press RIGHT ... Read More »