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The 7 Stages of Binge Watching a TV Show

This one hurt a little because there was just TOO MUCH TRUTH to it. This video was almost too real. I’ve binge watched game of thrones, westwood, walking dead, how i met your mother – you know real thrillers. The snacking is too real and i have posted on a few message boards. Don’t tell anybody. Here’s how it starts: ... Read More »

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer – Are You Not Entertained?

I have a bjolner right now.  It looks fun, it looks awesome – it’s casually being called the first 80s retro space magic buddy cop movie.   They DEFINITELY got the color scheme from Guardians of the Galaxy and they gave Thor the Spartacus treatment (complete with the new haircut), because they finally get that we want a silly goofy self-deprecating Thor. ... Read More »

Spiderman: Homecoming EVERY CLIP

The movie looks AMAZING – and this is every clip that’s been released online. Think of this as a super clip – every snippet from every preview in chronological order with some commentary thrown in for good measure.  Don’t watch if you hate spoilers. Read More »

Ben Affleck Commentary on Armageddon is Amazing

Found this a while ago and spit out my coffee chuckling.  Ben Affleck does commentary on Armageddon and he addresses one of the most questioned aspects of the movie: why is it easier to train oil drillers to be astronauts than to train astronauts to drill?  And apparently, Michael Bay provided the answer: Shut the fuck up, Ben – Michael Bay ... Read More »

Spider-Man: Homecoming (TRAILER ALERT)

Holy smokes this looks pretty awesome.  Couple thoughts right off the bat: Tom Holland is perfect for this version of Spider-Man.  Tobey was overrated (COME AT ME) and Andrew never got his fair dues for how good he was because the movies were so weird.  But this Spider-Man is fast and funny and strong and just.. little.  (He’s jacked, just little). ... Read More »

Bob’s Burgers Pop Up Burger & Art Exhibit

A Bob’s Burgers pop-up is happening this week at Unit 120 in LA’s Chinatown.  Lunch only (11am to 5pm), the walk up pop up art show burger collaboration is based off Bob’s Burgers, the too-popular-to-just-be-underground animated series on FOX. If you haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers, go watch it. I’ll wait.What’s a pop-up?  Well if you have to ask, you’re must be lame AF.  I had to ... Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 TRAILER ALERT

I mean COME ON.  IT looks so freaking good.  Arguably the biggest surprise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy was a hit with the box office ($773.3 million USD) and the fanboys (92%) and was everything Suicide Squad should’ve been.  Now the good badguys are back for another adventure in space.  Dave Bautista is hilarious; people are already talking ... Read More »

What’s Coming to Netflix in December (and What’s Going away)

Netflix, our old friend and lover, released its upcoming lineup for December 2016.  With a strong Disney showing (not that we’re complaining) some really exciting stuff is set to hit our living rooms this month.  Grab some popcorn and someone to chill with and check out the highlights: Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy as Eddie Murphy the cop in this 80s action-comedy classic. ... Read More »