Dollar Shave Club $5 Box #GiftIdeas

Dollar Shave Club has made it super easy and affordable to take care of shaving.  High quality razors and awesome skin products delivered to your door every month. (I use mine on my back).   View this post on Instagram   Even Santa’s gotta shave! Today gonna give away is this awesome @dollarshaveclub starter box! High quality metal razor, shave ... Read More »

Best Gifts for Father’s Day (THIS SUNDAY)

Inspired by Nick Offerman’s latest video, here are some gifts for father’s day   A fine Whiskey.  Can never go wrong with alcohol, but especially for Father’s Day.  Pro tip: open it right there and have a drink with him.  I would suggest Templeton:  tastes great and easy on the wallet.    Nice Athletic Shorts (with pockets)  Chances are, your dad ... Read More »

Ever Wanted a shirt with One Huge Pocket? Well now there’s Bucket Tees

The guys over at send me a few shirts with a “Big Ol Pocket” on the front and… it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Featured on (not surprisingly) The Chive, BroBible, and This Is Why I’m Broke, the shirts are surprisingly comfortable.  They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and cuts (although the sleeveless option is clearly best) and their shirts are guaranteed to ... Read More »

#BeardTruth – Dollar Beard Club Video Starring MaxNoSleeves (and a million other beard dudes)

I was in a new video for Dollar Beard Club – the Beard Company offering awesome product starting at $1  month.  I like the guys, and I use their stuff.  Also was pretty cool to be in a video with Richard Sherman, Dan Blizerian, Brent Burns, Taking Back Sunday, Mischa Janiec, Riley Hawk, Kyrt Yaeger, Adam Lazzara, Clint Walker, Sean Whalen, Brandon Hampton, Madison ... Read More »

I need these Spider-Man Hoodies and I need them Yesterday

These are so fucking sharp I can’t even stand it.  Shout out to hitting every conceivable iteration of Spider-Man too.   Spider-Man hoodies Boom They also have a Ton of other comic characters. It’s like I always say, dress for the job you want, not he job you have. And in this case the job i want is Spider-Man. Life’s ... Read More » (fashion blog) interviewed ME

I was interviewed by Konni Kim of about being a youtube, living in LA, etc etc most importantly, my sense of STYLE and FASHION.  I almost spit out my water laughing, but all in all a pretty fun interview and somer very good questions.  People always want to know about the origin of the “no sleeves” and I spilled the beans.  KonniKim is ... Read More »