If you’re out and your phone dies… you might as well just go home.  I don’t even leave the house under 65% This BuQu Pineapple Charger is awesome and literally… every girl loves it.  Awesome easy gift for anybody.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by MaxNoSleeves (@maxnosleeves) on Dec 8, 2018 at 2:29pm PST Get yours ... Read More »

Best Things to Ask Alexa

Alexa, Aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper Arent you a little tall to be a star wars fan Alexa, are you blue? Alexa, Can you Rap Alexa, Can you Beatbox Alexa, How old are you? two in human years, 14 in dog years, and 25 in cat years. AI years are marked in nanoseconds, and that ... Read More »

Invisible TV

Anyone in the market for an invisible TV? so this is freaking awesome. Panasonic released a TV that turns into a transparent pane of glass when it’s turned off.  Oh and the picture is brighter and clearer than a regular tv.  Sadly, this isn’t available now, but we’ll all be getting one in probably three years. Read More »

Get your own Flamethrower for only $500

There’s I need it and then there’s I NEED IT Elon Musk woke up one day and thought, “maybe I’ll sell flamethrowers today…” and then immediately sold 20,000. Now your only option is ebay and they’re gonna be at least $2,400 Worth every penny. “The Boring Company Flamethrower” Official site: (Sold Out) This one is selling for $2,400: ... Read More »

Best Gifts for Father’s Day (THIS SUNDAY)

Inspired by Nick Offerman’s latest video, here are some gifts for father’s day   A fine Whiskey.  Can never go wrong with alcohol, but especially for Father’s Day.  Pro tip: open it right there and have a drink with him.  I would suggest Templeton:  tastes great and easy on the wallet.    Nice Athletic Shorts (with pockets)  Chances are, your dad ... Read More »