Boston’s BEST FOOD – Max’s Guide (Part 1)

Took a trip to Boston with the babygirl.  She had never been, so I decided to take her on a tour de food – all the best places I used to visit growing up.  We made a video, but here are the stops: Pinocchio’s Pizza: the best pizza in Boston (and that’s saying something). Living in LA, one of the first ... Read More »


I TOOK a pretty sweet trip down to San Diego with JoesDaily for a Beercation – a brewery tour of the best craft beers in the city.  Travelocity recently put together their Beer Tourism Index – the best breweries and the best cities to visit for beer.  Whether you’re a Beer aficionado or a casual booze hound, this trip turned out to be ... Read More »

Tesloop – LA to Vegas in a Tesla

City to city travel has a new luxurious travel option: Tesloop.   You can now book a seat in the magnificent car, driven by a certified Tesla pilot, and travel with complimentary wifi, charging, snacks, pillows, and headphones.  The company started when the son of the eventual owner turned 16 and asked his dad to rent him a Tesla – reasoning he could make a ... Read More »