NEW VIDEO: I Shouldn’t Admit This…

Please subscribe to my channel! New Videos EVERY TUESDAY #ClickBait Yea I saw Colleen do this idea and I liked it so i made it my own and combined it with my art convnersation How to College How to Shotgun a Beer How to Play Flip Cup How to Open a Beer with a Lighter ... Read More »

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before YouTube

This video is for a Huffington Post Article in their “5 Things I wish Someone had Told me …” series. Pretty cool! 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before YouTube Can you share the funniest of most interesting story that happened to you in the course of your career? I remember one time I was at this dive bar ... Read More »

Defending November

This one was super fun to do because I had made the same joke about Nov1 being christmas music then I went back and thuoght about November and it OWNS> Thanksgiving is legit. Lattes are legit. Come at me bro. Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Bean Boozled w/Bmarsz

yea we played. Yea it sucked. haha In all reality, the new flavors are outrageous and to anybody who thinks we were hamming it up for the camera you’re crazy. Purchase Bean Boozled and see for yourself Watch Max and Sarah Croce play Please subscribe to my channel! New Videos EVERY TUESDAY Flavors Spoiled Milk / Coconut. Dead ... Read More »

How to Make Butter Beer (with Harry Potter and Hermione)

We did this video because me and Brittany went to harry potter world at universal the other day. they have all the hogwarts shops and stuff you can buy wants and scarves and quiddich jerseys and stuff. Emma watson wasn’t there (neither was emma stone or daniel radcliffe) but it was pretty fun. There was one Dragon that blew fire ... Read More »

The 7 Stages of Binge Watching a TV Show

This one hurt a little because there was just TOO MUCH TRUTH to it. This video was almost too real. I’ve binge watched game of thrones, westwood, walking dead, how i met your mother – you know real thrillers. The snacking is too real and i have posted on a few message boards. Don’t tell anybody. Here’s how it starts: ... Read More »

What NOT to say to your GF (New Video)

This video isn’t exactly based on a true story, but one day i was thinking about those moments when somebody says something absurd and insulting and arrogant and you’re just like “yea we’re never sleeping together. EVER”  Haha so I asked poor Brittany to help me with this video.  She was amazing and didn’t kick me in the head when I ... Read More »

I Can Read Your Mind (Magic Trick Video)

You know those  “magic” videos i see all over Facebook?  The ones where they claim to be mystical and magic and read your mind and in reality they just so stupid simple math tricks to make the dumbest video ever.  Anyway, yea this is one of those. SPOILER:  here’s how they do it.  You pick any number at all (X).  Then they ... Read More »

WTF Penis Facts

It is possible to fracture your penis  Well move over spiders and all my teeth falling out, this is my new number one nightmare.  Signs might include a cracking sound, immediate loss of the erection, or the development of dark bruising of the penis due to blood escaping the cylinder. Most injuries occur during violent intercourse.  But there are also ... Read More »

Driving with my GF blew up on Facebook (10M Views)

Yea, pretty rad to see it get over 10Million views on Facebook. I know that YouTube is my OG home base, but these are big numbers.  The most rewarding part for me is seeing all the comments just being people tagging their friends and being all, “this is you” or “this is so us on our road trips”  haha seems ... Read More »