NEW VIDEO: Not My Arms Challenge w/Stevie

Ahhh Sass. One of the most wonderful human beings in the YouTube community (and I know a lot of people).  We tried to do the Not My Arms challenge which originated on Who’s Line (at least for me.. i’m sure it originated in some fucking improv class or whatever). We tried it and it was pretty fun. She put a ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: High Legos

For the record, I fucking hate getting high.  I used to smoke a lot and I stopped because all it made me want to do was fall asleep. Then I realized instead of going to parties and meeting girls and having fun, I was wasting my life on my couch. Anyway, that’s why I stopped. I fucking hated making this video ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: When You Forget his Name

David Alvareeezy. Look him the fuck up. He’s funny and short and a lot of fun to work with. I met him and Josh Leyva about a year ago when we made this video. They’re both killing the game. This was a video about me forgetting peoples’ names and pulling out every trick I could think of to remember. Sad ... Read More »