NEW VIDEO: The Best 11 Swimming Pool Dives

Super fun to do and I love to swim and jump into pools. Wish we still had the diving board but my friend broke it back in the day by being enormous and jumping on it hahah. Whatever. I used to do the “Sailor’s Dive” which is a regular dive, but you go head first with your hands behind your ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: BEARD POOP FACE (or Misleading Titles)

Fair Warning This isn’t going to be that funny of a video but it needs to be said. It’s a double pronged attack of stupidity: one is “journalists” (do those even exist anymore?) using click bait strategies to sell stupid stories that aren’t backed up by facts. NFL. 2 is Stupid people reading only headlines, ignoring articles, and then spouting regurgitating those stupid ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Monday vs Friday

hahahah this was from a meme and also from Garfield. Always got a case of the mondays haha ah jeez.   Anyway, here’s a Breakdown that was pretty interesting to me: – Sunday — Sun’s day – Monday — Moon’s day – Tuesday — Tiu’s day. Tiu (Twia) is the English/Germanic god of war and the sky. He is identified with ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Roommate Revenge

This was a cool one because I got to work with a cameraman and a sponsor. There’s a couple ways to do sponsored videos and I like how I did it – regular video with a shout-out at the end. I just don’t like when the story revolves around the product because making that work is really hard. Trev is my ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: These Are My Scars

A video I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I don’t have any tattoos, but scars are cool because they hold memories that you didn’t decide to hold forever. Psychological scare are next. Haha kidding kidding. Read More »

NEW VIDEO: What Students Think During an Exam

Story of my fucking life. I must’ve done every possible thing ever to get out of taking tests. I limped into an exam with crutches one time in college and the lady made me take my exam anyway. So brutal. Anyway this was another “voices out loud” type video where I narrate my inner monologue which is always funny because I think my thoughts ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Natural Jeopardy

Click Here for Josh’s Video: Josh the Natural is just a sweetheart and kind a dope rapper as well (if we were quoting 8Mile). I’ve wanted to do this jeopardy parody for a while and it came together. Just like we did. Just kidding. Or am I Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Not My Arms Challenge w/Stevie

Ahhh Sass. One of the most wonderful human beings in the YouTube community (and I know a lot of people).  We tried to do the Not My Arms challenge which originated on Who’s Line (at least for me.. i’m sure it originated in some fucking improv class or whatever). We tried it and it was pretty fun. She put a ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: High Legos

For the record, I fucking hate getting high.  I used to smoke a lot and I stopped because all it made me want to do was fall asleep. Then I realized instead of going to parties and meeting girls and having fun, I was wasting my life on my couch. Anyway, that’s why I stopped. I fucking hated making this video ... Read More »