Couples Workout

I sortof made up this video.  Also spoiler Brittany is a whole lot stronger than me.  We tried a bunch of workout moves you can do with your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever!  Try it and let me know how it goes.

Move #1: Double Pull Ups +KISS Girl lies on the ground with her body completely straight.  Guy steps on either side of her waist and they hold hands.  Guy pulls her straight up, keeping this chest up until the kiss then they make out.

Move #2:  Push (up) Squat:  Girl puts her hands on a chair and her feet on the guy’s shoulders.  At the same time, she does a pushup and he does a squat. 

Move #3:  Punching Bag Situp:  Guy stands and the girl straddles his waist with her legs.  Guy stays like a statue while the girl holds herself up and does a situp.  For an easier alternative, the guy can push the small of her back to assist with the situp.

Move #4:  Square:  Guy lies on his back with his arms straight up in the air.  Girl lies on top of guy.  At the same time, they hold each others’ ankles (she’s doing a pushup and he’s holding her up.  Then, they both flex their abs and sit up and move from a rectangle into a square.

Move #5:  Leg Press-ish: Girl lies down on her back with her feet in the air as if she’s sitting in an invisible chair. Guy sits slightly so the soles of the girl shoes can push on his butt.  At the same time, she leg presses and he slight squats.  Takes a minimal amount of balance.

Move #6:  Girl Curls:  Girl holds herself in a ball.  Guy picks her up.

Move #7:  Dad Pushups: Guy does a Pushup with the girl on his back

Move #8:  Clean and Jerk: The guy does a clean and jerk with the girl. Girl has to stay very stiff (thats not what she said?).

Move #9:  Squats: Throw the girl on the guys back and do different variations of squats. 



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