How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Believe it or not, the friendzone is STILL a real thing. I know it’s 2017 we have flying cars and an efficient working government and world peace but we STILL have to deal with the friend zone crazy right

Anyway friend zone is when person A likes person B, Person B says no thanks, and they try to be friends even though person A is still romantically interested in Person B and Person B doesn’t give an F because she’s busy S’ing the D of Person C

The Friend zone can be pretty awful –  But it happens more than you think.  Just ask Snape from Harry Potter

A big problem here is different outlooks on what friendship means.  The girl feels manipulated because the thinks the dude was pretending to be her “friend” and really wanted something sexy.  The Guy feels “led on” because he was being nice to a girl in hopes that she would fall for him romantically.  And nobody likes to be led on


You can get stuck in the friend zone in a couple ways:

Way #1: When Person A decides to hang around and wait for Person B to eventually catch feelings  even though B doesn’t see A as a sexual object and there’s no reason to think B ever would since they defined their friendship as strictly platonic.  

Way #2: Person A says dating is out the question… DOT DOT DOT …   RIGHT NOW!!! and keeps Person B on the hook forever.

Either way, it’s pretty bad. it usually ends up really nailing somebody (or rather, NOT nailing somebody)

Let me just say that you shouldn’t make yourself somebody’s backup plan because they might never see you as anything more than that But more importantly, your view of self is the benchmark for how other people see you.  If you think you’re too valuable to be stuck in a friend zone then you are.  

So how do you get out of the friend zone?  Well first, you don’t fall in.  Make your intentions clear, don’t just start out with friends and hope she falls for you. That means you actually have to officially ask her out

Or if you’re gonna be friends, Really just be friends.  Don’t get your feelings hurt if she dates somebody else and don’t be an emotional vulture if she breaks up with somebody.  

Just be her friend.  Because believe it or not, there can be some perks.  If she’s super hot, she’s might have some super hot friends you she’ll throw your way.

And if you say you want to date and she says no?  Don’t be afraid to walk away.  She’ll respect you and you’ll respect yourself.  Just move on and be awesome with your awesome life – you won’t be able to meet the right girl if you’re stuck on the last one.