I Can Read Your Mind (Magic Trick Video)

You know those  “magic” videos i see all over Facebook?  The ones where they claim to be mystical and magic and read your mind and in reality they just so stupid simple math tricks to make the dumbest video ever.  Anyway, yea this is one of those.

SPOILER:  here’s how they do it.  You pick any number at all (X).  Then they tell you to add 3, then subtract your original number.  Then they know that your number is 3.  Sorry if that was too fast for you.

Also I really hate how they say “it won’t work without the like button” which is bullshit because i bet old grandmas actually believe that if they don’t click the like button (or thumbs up) it really won’t work.  Whatever much love to Rick Lax and if you can guess how i did it, i’ll let you buy me a beer.


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