KonniKim.com (fashion blog) interviewed ME

KonniKim.com (fashion blog) interviewed ME

I was interviewed by Konni Kim of KonniKim.com about being a youtube, living in LA, etc etc most importantly, my sense of STYLE and FASHION.  I almost spit out my water laughing, but all in all a pretty fun interview and somer very good questions.  People always want to know about the origin of the “no sleeves” and I spilled the beans.  KonniKim is a fashion blog, so I wasn’t sure why I got the interview, but I guess more people are recognizing no sleeves as a personal style choice in addition to a social movement.  Can’t complain.
Highlight of the interview:

Konni: What do you think of the current fashion industry?
MaxNoSleeves: Most of my knowledge of the fashion industry is shaped off of Zoolander.  Is Mugatu still doing the Derelicte campaign?




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