New Batman v Superman HQ Images

Entertainment Weekly got some promo still images of the new BvS movie and it looks pretty fucking awesome. Talk about a BABE… and Gal Gadot is hot too.

Lex looks like a fucking insane young Steve Jobs which i LOVE. I get the feeling they’re going with a weird internet techie version of Lex Luthor (rather than the classic old man business tycoon version) which makes sense because Jesse Eisenberg will forever be mistaken for Mark Zuckerberg. Whatever, we know he shaves his head so I trust it’ll be fine. Still, he’s still so fucking scrawny compared to Affleck and Superman – it’s a little distracting thb.

As for the big 3 – they all look awesome.  SuperGod is now a global hero, not just for American kids anymore (Global heros make more money at the box office). Seeing him getting weird touches at a Mexican dawn of the dead festival is a nice touch. Batman would look better if the FUCKING BACKGROUND WASN’t WHITE WTF.  Gal looks like she could absolutely rock this movie which makes me, a registered womanizer (is that the right word? I mean someone who stands up for women’s rights), super pumped. For years, DC has been publicly wondering if the world was ready for a woman superhero – one that was capable of carrying a movie by herself.  Then Marvel gave us a movie with the talking fucking raccoon as a main character. We as a society deserve at least one strong female superhero that can stand toe to toe with the big boys and hopefully that’s Gal.  But as happy as I am about women’s issues…

I just can’t fucking wait for Batman to punch Superman in his fucking FACE. Take my money.


S/o EW


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