I need these Spider-Man Hoodies and I need them Yesterday

These are so fucking sharp I can’t even stand it.  Shout out to hitting every conceivable iteration of Spider-Man too.   Spider-Man hoodies Boom http://lumpyhippo.deviantart.com/ They also have a Ton of other comic characters. It’s like I always say, dress for the job you want, not he job you have. And in this case the job i want is Spider-Man. Life’s ... Read More »

New Batman v Superman HQ Images

Entertainment Weekly got some promo still images of the new BvS movie and it looks pretty fucking awesome. Talk about a BABE… and Gal Gadot is hot too. Lex looks like a fucking insane young Steve Jobs which i LOVE. I get the feeling they’re going with a weird internet techie version of Lex Luthor (rather than the classic old man business tycoon ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: The Best 11 Swimming Pool Dives

Super fun to do and I love to swim and jump into pools. Wish we still had the diving board but my friend broke it back in the day by being enormous and jumping on it hahah. Whatever. I used to do the “Sailor’s Dive” which is a regular dive, but you go head first with your hands behind your ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: BEARD POOP FACE (or Misleading Titles)

Fair Warning This isn’t going to be that funny of a video but it needs to be said. It’s a double pronged attack of stupidity: one is “journalists” (do those even exist anymore?) using click bait strategies to sell stupid stories that aren’t backed up by facts. NFL. 2 is Stupid people reading only headlines, ignoring articles, and then spouting regurgitating those stupid ... Read More »

Jubilee from X-Men: Apocalypse looks fucking awesome

Let’s go to the mall… today! Singer tweeted a pic of Lana Condor and everyone lost their minds. This movie is set in 1983 so .. everything is shaping up to look like the 90s cartoon. Incidentally, everybody remembers loving that cartoon, but I went back recently and watched a few episodes? and it SUCKED. Hopefully this movie will be better… but it’s ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Monday vs Friday

hahahah this was from a meme and also from Garfield. Always got a case of the mondays haha ah jeez.   Anyway, here’s a Breakdown that was pretty interesting to me: – Sunday — Sun’s day – Monday — Moon’s day – Tuesday — Tiu’s day. Tiu (Twia) is the English/Germanic god of war and the sky. He is identified with ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Roommate Revenge

This was a cool one because I got to work with a cameraman and a sponsor. There’s a couple ways to do sponsored videos and I like how I did it – regular video with a shout-out at the end. I just don’t like when the story revolves around the product because making that work is really hard. Trev is my ... Read More »