NEW VIDEO: When You Forget his Name

David Alvareeezy. Look him the fuck up. He’s funny and short and a lot of fun to work with. I met him and Josh Leyva about a year ago when we made this video. They’re both killing the game. This was a video about me forgetting peoples’ names and pulling out every trick I could think of to remember. Sad ... Read More »

I Saw Age of Ultron and it was AWESOME

  Yea I’ll try to do this without spoilers… but it was awesome. I went to Nerdist’s 24 hr Ultimate Marvel Marathon of every movie. If you’re looking for a metaphor, here’s one:Take Avengers 1 and put it in a hulkbuster suit and then you get Avengers Age of Ultron.   Couple of hits  (NON SPOILERS) – James Spader is amazing. ... Read More »