PicksCast 032: Drama In LA and It Sucks To Suck

On this weeks episode of the PicksCast Max and Danny talk about Week 7 In The NFL, Virtual Reality, Oculus Games, Virtual Reality Dan, Sweating While VR, Hair Fluffing Up, Is Danny Taller Than Max, Fuck This World, What If VR Is Reality, Slicing Fruit, Katana Blades, Oculus Sports World Popping Off, When Do You Listen To Podcast, Great Hair, ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: Days When Nothing Goes Right

This one was pretty hard to do actually. Days when Nothing Goes Right. Couch Conversations We’ve all had great days. We’ve al had terrible days. I’m talking about those days when everything seems a bit off, not major depression, but minor ticks that keep challenging you and your resolve and what i do to combat those downer feelings. Spoilers: my ... Read More »

Best Things to Ask Alexa

Alexa, Aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper Arent you a little tall to be a star wars fan Alexa, are you blue? Alexa, Can you Rap Alexa, Can you Beatbox Alexa, How old are you? two in human years, 14 in dog years, and 25 in cat years. AI years are marked in nanoseconds, and that ... Read More »

PicksCast 029: Bugaboo Creek, Showtime Chiefs and Thanos

On this weeks episode of the PicksCast Max and Danny get into week 4 recap around NFL, Bugaboo Creek, Little Kid High, VR Dining Experience, Augmented Reality, Max Goes To Canada, Toronto, Beaver Murder, Vancouver, Loonies And Toonies, Showtime Mahomes, Booger, Monday Night Football, Infinity Wars, Thanos Is Good?, Elite Yelpers, Mahomes Will Be New Stephen Curry Of The NFL, ... Read More »

PicksCast 028: Mamma Mia, Mahomes & NFL Week 3

On this weeks episode of the PicksCast the guys talk about Week 3 In The NFL, Browns, Trihard Taylor Should Be Traded, Browns First Win In Years, AFC North, AFC East, Patriots, Jewish Santa Claus, Matt Patricia, Does Belichick Let Old Coaches Win, Tom Brady Has Botox? Josh Gordon Didn’t Play, Cops Confused With Vapes, Max Vape Sponsor, That’s What ... Read More »