Thor: Ragnarok Trailer – Are You Not Entertained?

I have a bjolner right now.  It looks fun, it looks awesome – it’s casually being called the first 80s retro space magic buddy cop movie.   They DEFINITELY got the color scheme from Guardians of the Galaxy and they gave Thor the Spartacus treatment (complete with the new haircut), because they finally get that we want a silly goofy self-deprecating Thor. ... Read More »

I Can Read Your Mind (Magic Trick Video)

You know those  “magic” videos i see all over Facebook?  The ones where they claim to be mystical and magic and read your mind and in reality they just so stupid simple math tricks to make the dumbest video ever.  Anyway, yea this is one of those. SPOILER:  here’s how they do it.  You pick any number at all (X).  Then they ... Read More »

Spiderman: Homecoming EVERY CLIP

The movie looks AMAZING – and this is every clip that’s been released online. Think of this as a super clip – every snippet from every preview in chronological order with some commentary thrown in for good measure.  Don’t watch if you hate spoilers. Read More »

Ever Wanted a shirt with One Huge Pocket? Well now there’s Bucket Tees

The guys over at send me a few shirts with a “Big Ol Pocket” on the front and… it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Featured on (not surprisingly) The Chive, BroBible, and This Is Why I’m Broke, the shirts are surprisingly comfortable.  They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and cuts (although the sleeveless option is clearly best) and their shirts are guaranteed to ... Read More »

WTF Penis Facts

It is possible to fracture your penis  Well move over spiders and all my teeth falling out, this is my new number one nightmare.  Signs might include a cracking sound, immediate loss of the erection, or the development of dark bruising of the penis due to blood escaping the cylinder. Most injuries occur during violent intercourse.  But there are also ... Read More »

Driving with my GF blew up on Facebook (10M Views)

Yea, pretty rad to see it get over 10Million views on Facebook. I know that YouTube is my OG home base, but these are big numbers.  The most rewarding part for me is seeing all the comments just being people tagging their friends and being all, “this is you” or “this is so us on our road trips”  haha seems ... Read More »

Couples Workout

I sortof made up this video.  Also spoiler Brittany is a whole lot stronger than me.  We tried a bunch of workout moves you can do with your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever!  Try it and let me know how it goes. Move #1: Double Pull Ups +KISS Girl lies on the ground with her body completely straight.  Guy steps on either ... Read More »

How to Write a Formal Email (in 6 easy steps)

Have you ever struggled with writing a formal email?  Maybe you have to send your teacher a note explaining why you left a school project in the dumpster.   Maybe you went on a college interview and now you have to write that weird followup to remind the person that you still exist, and that they should admit your dumb ass ... Read More »

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Believe it or not, the friendzone is STILL a real thing. I know it’s 2017 we have flying cars and an efficient working government and world peace but we STILL have to deal with the friend zone crazy right Anyway friend zone is when person A likes person B, Person B says no thanks, and they try to be friends ... Read More »

Ben Affleck Commentary on Armageddon is Amazing

Found this a while ago and spit out my coffee chuckling.  Ben Affleck does commentary on Armageddon and he addresses one of the most questioned aspects of the movie: why is it easier to train oil drillers to be astronauts than to train astronauts to drill?  And apparently, Michael Bay provided the answer: Shut the fuck up, Ben – Michael Bay ... Read More »