How to Make Butter Beer (with Harry Potter and Hermione)

We did this video because me and Brittany went to harry potter world at universal the other day. they have all the hogwarts shops and stuff you can buy wants and scarves and quiddich jerseys and stuff. Emma watson wasn’t there (neither was emma stone or daniel radcliffe) but it was pretty fun. There was one Dragon that blew fire ... Read More »

The 7 Stages of Binge Watching a TV Show

This one hurt a little because there was just TOO MUCH TRUTH to it. This video was almost too real. I’ve binge watched game of thrones, westwood, walking dead, how i met your mother – you know real thrillers. The snacking is too real and i have posted on a few message boards. Don’t tell anybody. Here’s how it starts: ... Read More »

I Took a Spin Class! No Seriously

I took a spin class.  You read that right. Smirnoff hit me up and asked if I wanted to spend the afternoon burning calories to celebrate their new Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – their new 90 calories with zero sugar alcoholic beverage.  At 4.5% it’s about the same as a light beer. The way I saw it, they challenged me, so who ... Read More »

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – 90 Calories, 4.5% ABV, 0 Sugar

Sparkling water.  So hot right now.  When US drinking preferences moved sharply away from sugar (#NoCarbsTilCoachella), soda sales took a nose-dive – and in the past 5 years, US seltzer sales have grown by 42%.   Sparkling water went from a suburban mom drink to the trendiest drink on the beach.  LaCroix anyone? Smirnoff stepped in and did what we all needed them to do – add alcohol to ... Read More »

What NOT to say to your GF (New Video)

This video isn’t exactly based on a true story, but one day i was thinking about those moments when somebody says something absurd and insulting and arrogant and you’re just like “yea we’re never sleeping together. EVER”  Haha so I asked poor Brittany to help me with this video.  She was amazing and didn’t kick me in the head when I ... Read More »

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer – Are You Not Entertained?

I have a bjolner right now.  It looks fun, it looks awesome – it’s casually being called the first 80s retro space magic buddy cop movie.   They DEFINITELY got the color scheme from Guardians of the Galaxy and they gave Thor the Spartacus treatment (complete with the new haircut), because they finally get that we want a silly goofy self-deprecating Thor. ... Read More »

I Can Read Your Mind (Magic Trick Video)

You know those  “magic” videos i see all over Facebook?  The ones where they claim to be mystical and magic and read your mind and in reality they just so stupid simple math tricks to make the dumbest video ever.  Anyway, yea this is one of those. SPOILER:  here’s how they do it.  You pick any number at all (X).  Then they ... Read More »

Spiderman: Homecoming EVERY CLIP

The movie looks AMAZING – and this is every clip that’s been released online. Think of this as a super clip – every snippet from every preview in chronological order with some commentary thrown in for good measure.  Don’t watch if you hate spoilers. Read More »

Ever Wanted a shirt with One Huge Pocket? Well now there’s Bucket Tees

The guys over at send me a few shirts with a “Big Ol Pocket” on the front and… it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Featured on (not surprisingly) The Chive, BroBible, and This Is Why I’m Broke, the shirts are surprisingly comfortable.  They come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and cuts (although the sleeveless option is clearly best) and their shirts are guaranteed to ... Read More »

WTF Penis Facts

It is possible to fracture your penis  Well move over spiders and all my teeth falling out, this is my new number one nightmare.  Signs might include a cracking sound, immediate loss of the erection, or the development of dark bruising of the penis due to blood escaping the cylinder. Most injuries occur during violent intercourse.  But there are also ... Read More »