Conjoined Twin Challenge (New Video)

Ya Love to see it.  Was actually a lot of fun AND I got a delicious lunch out of the deal! Sure, Peanut butter and Jelly with Turkey Chili sounds gross but when you get to the end of the cabinet, all the rules and regulations fly out the window.  Thanks to BMarsz for killing this video.  WE also did ... Read More »

What’s Coming to Netflix in December (and What’s Going away)

Netflix, our old friend and lover, released its upcoming lineup for December 2016.  With a strong Disney showing (not that we’re complaining) some really exciting stuff is set to hit our living rooms this month.  Grab some popcorn and someone to chill with and check out the highlights: Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy as Eddie Murphy the cop in this 80s action-comedy classic. ... Read More »

Watermelon Explosion!

Doing a Live Stream where we try to make a watermelon explode just by putting a bunch of rubber bands on it. It’s gonna be watermeLIT UPDATE: It took 45 minutes longer than expected, but was a really fun live stream to do and did pretty well on Facebook.  We peaked at over 85,ooo live viewers and video currently has over 1 ... Read More »


I TOOK a pretty sweet trip down to San Diego with JoesDaily for a Beercation – a brewery tour of the best craft beers in the city.  Travelocity recently put together their Beer Tourism Index – the best breweries and the best cities to visit for beer.  Whether you’re a Beer aficionado or a casual booze hound, this trip turned out to be ... Read More »

#BeardTruth – Dollar Beard Club Video Starring MaxNoSleeves (and a million other beard dudes)

I was in a new video for Dollar Beard Club – the Beard Company offering awesome product starting at $1  month.  I like the guys, and I use their stuff.  Also was pretty cool to be in a video with Richard Sherman, Dan Blizerian, Brent Burns, Taking Back Sunday, Mischa Janiec, Riley Hawk, Kyrt Yaeger, Adam Lazzara, Clint Walker, Sean Whalen, Brandon Hampton, Madison ... Read More »

NEW VIDEO: I Love / Hate Uber

I no joke just got through explaining how to Uber to my mom yesterday (shout out to MOMs) and i figured this would be a fun video to do.  I really did have to deal with a smelly motherfucker last week and I almost died.  This is going in the playlist: I Love / Hate [App] because I love doing these. ... Read More »

Superhero Workout

London to Santa Monica! Here’s a Translantic bar workout from me and The Potential.  Grow a beard, grab a bar and hit this workout hard.  Make sure you pick a weight you can comfortably lift over your head 30 times (go light). Deadlifts: 30 reps Push press: 30 reps Squat jumps: 30 reps Wall balls: 30 reps Read More »

Another Landmine Workout!

The First one went so well, I thought you guys might like another version. Also, it’s LandMINE not LantLINE.  My computer keeps autocorrecting Same as last time: 5 rounds of 40 seconds of work/ 20 seconds of rest. 5 rounds: 1-Arm Twisting Press 1-Arm Clean & Jerk 1-Arm Side Shoulder Press Twister Read More »

Landmine Workout (Pole in the Hole)

Landmine workouts not only sound super intimidating, they actually get your heart rate up pretty quick.  Try this workout on for size: 5 ROUNDS 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest Lumberjack Squat 1 arm press Backwards Lunge Meadow’s Row Twister Note:  each “round” should consist of 8 exercises: Lumberjack Squat 1 – Arm Press LEFT 1 – Arm Press RIGHT ... Read More »

Tesloop – LA to Vegas in a Tesla

City to city travel has a new luxurious travel option: Tesloop.   You can now book a seat in the magnificent car, driven by a certified Tesla pilot, and travel with complimentary wifi, charging, snacks, pillows, and headphones.  The company started when the son of the eventual owner turned 16 and asked his dad to rent him a Tesla – reasoning he could make a ... Read More »