Taco Bell Making FRENCH FRIES?!?!

Am i reading this right?  Am I?   I’ve always been a huge fan of Taco Bell, and they’ve always hit their social media just right.  More than that, they’ve done very right by me personally and I have first hand knowledge that these guys love to deliver good food and love the social media game.  But French Fries out of ... Read More »

Bean Boozled Comes Out with New Flavors

You’ve probably heard of the game Bean Boozled – the latest party game slash YouTube video content goldmine.  Imagine all the joys of eating delicious jellybeans mixed with the terror and excitement of egg roulette.  Some jellybeans are delicious, some are Terrible and as bad as the bad flavors are, it’s nothing compared to how wonderful it is to see your friends and loved ... Read More »

Hipster Nativity Set

Hipsters just won’t stop.  They took our coffee, then they took our flannel, now they’re moving into nativity scenes.  The wisemen on segways with amazon boxes is actually pretty funny and the selfie with the baby is classic… wait a second do I like this? I actually think it’s pretty awesome, but if my friends ask, this was definitely a gift. And ... Read More »

Best Gifts for Father’s Day (THIS SUNDAY)

Inspired by Nick Offerman’s latest video, here are some gifts for father’s day   A fine Whiskey.  Can never go wrong with alcohol, but especially for Father’s Day.  Pro tip: open it right there and have a drink with him.  I would suggest Templeton:  tastes great and easy on the wallet.    Nice Athletic Shorts (with pockets)  Chances are, your dad ... Read More »

You thought the Spider-Man Movie looked good? Check out the Spiderman PS4 Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 console Holyyyyy Sheeez.  Playstation released this footage of GAME play at the E3 conference.  The trick with these video demo’s is you always have to temper your expectations because they show you the animated cut scenes (which obviously look ... Read More »

Boston’s BEST FOOD – Max’s Guide (Part 1)

Took a trip to Boston with the babygirl.  She had never been, so I decided to take her on a tour de food – all the best places I used to visit growing up.  We made a video, but here are the stops: Pinocchio’s Pizza: the best pizza in Boston (and that’s saying something). Living in LA, one of the first ... Read More »

How to Make Butter Beer (with Harry Potter and Hermione)

We did this video because me and Brittany went to harry potter world at universal the other day. they have all the hogwarts shops and stuff you can buy wants and scarves and quiddich jerseys and stuff. Emma watson wasn’t there (neither was emma stone or daniel radcliffe) but it was pretty fun. There was one Dragon that blew fire ... Read More »

The 7 Stages of Binge Watching a TV Show

This one hurt a little because there was just TOO MUCH TRUTH to it. This video was almost too real. I’ve binge watched game of thrones, westwood, walking dead, how i met your mother – you know real thrillers. The snacking is too real and i have posted on a few message boards. Don’t tell anybody. Here’s how it starts: ... Read More »

I Took a Spin Class! No Seriously

I took a spin class.  You read that right. Smirnoff hit me up and asked if I wanted to spend the afternoon burning calories to celebrate their new Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – their new 90 calories with zero sugar alcoholic beverage.  At 4.5% it’s about the same as a light beer. The way I saw it, they challenged me, so who ... Read More »

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer – 90 Calories, 4.5% ABV, 0 Sugar

Sparkling water.  So hot right now.  When US drinking preferences moved sharply away from sugar (#NoCarbsTilCoachella), soda sales took a nose-dive – and in the past 5 years, US seltzer sales have grown by 42%.   Sparkling water went from a suburban mom drink to the trendiest drink on the beach.  LaCroix anyone? Smirnoff stepped in and did what we all needed them to do – add alcohol to ... Read More »