Superhero Workout

London to Santa Monica! Here’s a Translantic bar workout from me and The Potential.  Grow a beard, grab a bar and hit this workout hard.  Make sure you pick a weight you can comfortably lift over your head 30 times (go light). Deadlifts: 30 reps Push press: 30 reps Squat jumps: 30 reps Wall balls: 30 reps Read More »

Another Landmine Workout!

The First one went so well, I thought you guys might like another version. Also, it’s LandMINE not LantLINE.  My computer keeps autocorrecting Same as last time: 5 rounds of 40 seconds of work/ 20 seconds of rest. 5 rounds: 1-Arm Twisting Press 1-Arm Clean & Jerk 1-Arm Side Shoulder Press Twister Read More »

Landmine Workout (Pole in the Hole)

Landmine workouts not only sound super intimidating, they actually get your heart rate up pretty quick.  Try this workout on for size: 5 ROUNDS 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest Lumberjack Squat 1 arm press Backwards Lunge Meadow’s Row Twister Note:  each “round” should consist of 8 exercises: Lumberjack Squat 1 – Arm Press LEFT 1 – Arm Press RIGHT ... Read More »

Tesloop – LA to Vegas in a Tesla

City to city travel has a new luxurious travel option: Tesloop.   You can now book a seat in the magnificent car, driven by a certified Tesla pilot, and travel with complimentary wifi, charging, snacks, pillows, and headphones.  The company started when the son of the eventual owner turned 16 and asked his dad to rent him a Tesla – reasoning he could make a ... Read More »

What’s up with all this Penis Surgery?

Lotta dicks in the news lately. First South Africa gave us the first successful penis transplant: a botched circumcision left a dude with 1 cm of his original dick (also he was 18 when it happened WTF Africa).  Now with a new dick the 21 year old guy can “pass urine, get an erection, orgasm, and ejaculate.”  Pretty awesome. Then India gave us the superdick surgery: a ... Read More »


BOOM you heard it here folks, me and Danny are starting up the Picks Cast Podcast again. Picks Cast features me and Danny talking about stupid shit for your audio pleasure. Look up my SoundCloud or find it on iTunes and get to listening. Anything you want us to talk about – tweet to me @MaxNoSleeves or Snapchat Danny: DannyMillerSamo   Read More »

EVERYTHING ON: Fantastic Four

Here’s everything you need on Fantastic Four (Aug 7, 2015) Teaser Trailer Official Trailer Trailer #2 Final Trailer Cast Commentary Videos Picture of the Thing, since it’s the most important one to nail Read More »