Spider-Man: Homecoming (TRAILER ALERT)

Holy smokes this looks pretty awesome.  Couple thoughts right off the bat:
Tom Holland is perfect for this version of Spider-Man.  Tobey was overrated (COME AT ME) and Andrew never got his fair dues for how good he was because the movies were so weird.  But this Spider-Man is fast and funny and strong and just.. little.  (He’s jacked, just little).  He’s a little kid trying to survive in a man’s world.  Also High Schoolers look high schoolers! Trailer gave a real coming of age feel, which is key for this character in this universe right now.  first-official-trailer

Very “Ultimate” feel here.  Works for me.

I LOVE this easter egg.  I also love that it took the internet 0.2 seconds to find it.
Bruce Banner

A lot more Tony Stark than I would’ve thought.  In the Ultimates Peter and Tony have a very important, complicated relationship.  It’s nice to see them feature the weird father/son/uncle/sidekick/whatever.   Moreover, we knew that Tony Stark was gonna be in the movie… but now we know IRON MAN IS IN THE FUCKING MOVIE Iron Man Spider Man

Michael Keaton scared the sh*t out of me as vulture.  A lot of people are talking about his connection to Falcon’s paratrooper military team, which is a cool idea, but for now I’m jus happy to see him go Batman to Birdman to Vulture.

In case you were wondering how important movie trailers had become, we had a TRAILER FOR A TRAILER.  Same with Baywatch and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  What do we think of this new trend? If you said it was cool, you’re wrong.  It sucks.
Would be remiss not to mention the Web Wings.  Lots of controversy over the years regarding those damn armpit entanglements… and while I was never personally a fan, Marvel has my benefit of the doubt these days.
Web Wings

International Trailer (with other footage) click HERE

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July, 7, 2017.



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