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Another Landmine Workout!

The First one went so well, I thought you guys might like another version. Also, it’s LandMINE not LantLINE.  My computer keeps autocorrecting Same as last time: 5 rounds of 40 seconds of work/ 20 seconds of rest. 5 rounds: 1-Arm Twisting Press 1-Arm Clean & Jerk 1-Arm Side Shoulder Press Twister Read More »

Landmine Workout (Pole in the Hole)

Landmine workouts not only sound super intimidating, they actually get your heart rate up pretty quick.  Try this workout on for size: 5 ROUNDS 40 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest Lumberjack Squat 1 arm press Backwards Lunge Meadow’s Row Twister Note:  each “round” should consist of 8 exercises: Lumberjack Squat 1 – Arm Press LEFT 1 – Arm Press RIGHT ... Read More »