Tesloop – LA to Vegas in a Tesla

City to city travel has a new luxurious travel option: Tesloop.   You can now book a seat in the magnificent car, driven by a certified Tesla pilot, and travel with complimentary wifi, charging, snacks, pillows, and headphones.  The company started when the son of the eventual owner turned 16 and asked his dad to rent him a Tesla – reasoning he could make a summer job out of driving people to and from LA.  They presented the idea to Elon Musk at a Tesla shareholders meeting and after investments and seed money flew in, Tesloop was up and running.



I did their flagship route, LA to Vegas ($99 one way) and I must say, it was the best 4 hour car ride I’ve been on.  Our driver showed us the fully autonomous autopilot feature which was awesome (but also kindof terrifying).  I would highly recommend it.max tesloop

Tesloop currently services 15 cities in southern California, plus Las Vegas and Phoenix.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


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