What’s up with all this Penis Surgery?

What’s up with all this Penis Surgery?

oh yea

Lotta dicks in the news lately.

First South Africa gave us the first successful penis transplant: a botched circumcision left a dude with 1 cm of his original dick (also he was 18 when it happened WTF Africa).  Now with a new dick the 21 year old guy can “pass urine, get an erection, orgasm, and ejaculate.”  Pretty awesome.

Then India gave us the superdick surgery: a boy born with 3 penises had surgery to fuse them together.  Kid was also born without an anus – just bad luck all around, but the surgeons threw a butthole in there too, which was nice.

Finally, Scotland gave us the bionic dick surgery: a guy who had his dick ripped off in a car accident when he was 6 (struck by a vehicle, dragged 600 feet) had surgery to implant a bionic penis from skin grafts.  The 8 incher becomes erect by mechanically “mechanically pumping fluid into it…using a button located near his remaining testicle.”  Then when he’s done he presses another button.  It’s literally an on/off switch. WE HAVE ROBOCOCK PEOPLE. WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE.

Honestly, with all the money going into erection drugs, I’m pretty surprised we’re just figuring out dick surgeries.  You’d think they would be as commonplace as breast implants. Ah, maybe in a decade or two. #Life


Also there’s no reason for this, but here you go


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