MaxNoSleeves is an American YouTube personality famous for never wearing sleeves. He’s hilarious and gorgeous

Max Weisz, better known online as MaxNoSleeves, is an American YouTuber and comedian.  He is best known for wearing exclusively sleeveless T-shirts, as well as his massive beard. He uploads videos every Tuesday.


Max Weisz was born in Belmont, Massachusetts, on February 7, 1985. He Attended Buckingham Brown & Nichols High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

After college, Max Weisz began wearing sleeveless shirts, as sleeves were restricting his ability to shoot in Beer Pong.  Once he realized he was much happier without sleeves, he never wore them again.

After graduating, he moved into Cambridge, Massachusetts. Two years later, he moved to LA and started making internet comedy. Max posts funny, low-budget videos on every Tuesday, including skits, singing with braces, and college bro “how-to” videos.  In 2014, Max released his “Draw My Life ” video which was a rare example of him explaining his personal life. 

Max occasionally makes appearances in videos in other channels for challenges, interviews, or acting.  Max also began hosting events, including Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve celebration (2017) and the Final Four in San Antonio (2018).   

In 2018, Max started dating BMARSZ , a dancer and fellow youtuber.  Together they make relationship comedy videos and have a Facebook page together with over 750,000 likes. The two live together in Hollywood.

Today, Max continues to make funny, relatable videos on a consistent schedule.

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