If you’re reading this, odds are you’re looking on some sort of screen this very moment. Computer, tablet, phone… we’re spending more and more time looking at screens, especially since the world shut down and we’re all chilling at home. These screens emit blue light – a type of light on the color spectrum that is believed to interrupt sleep cycles, and even cause headaches.

So how much harm is all this screen time doing to our eyes? And how much can Blue Light glasses actually help? According to Danish glasses company Christopher Cloos,

Blue light glasses can transform your day – they help to block harmful blue light from natural and artificial sources, such as your phone, laptop, tablet, and the sun. Sometimes called computer glasses, blue light glasses can reduce digital eye strain and headaches – not to mention, take you up a notch in the style stakes. 


As far as I’m concerned, if these glasses can help, I’m wearing them. I like being able to see and being able to read stuff from far away and being able to drive. Oh and if they don’t help, then what’s the harm in wearing them? Looking good? Tell me how stylish these look!

You can get some Christopher Cloos glasses HERE

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