What a world! Also what a stylish guy! Christopher Cloos, the Danish sunglasses company that partnered with Tom Brady on a line of sunglasses and blue light lenses reached out to me and asked if they could send me some new stylish lenses for hot girl summer. I graciously accepted, and now I’m a certified sunglasses model.

I’ve always leaned more toward a “$20 or less” rule when it comes to sunglasses, since I never wanted to worry about breaking them or leaving them somewhere. The last expensive pair I owned I lost when I left it on an air hockey table at the Santa Monica pier. Shame on me.

And then here comes Christopher Cloos, with some VERY sharp sunglasses, just in time for summer. And they totally won me over.

They’re light, they’re comfortable, and they’re great for on the go, or sipping a cocktail. To be completely transparent (well not completely) the look through the polarized lenses really go a long way. My new overall number 1 pair.

Get yours here

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