Full story: I made this video 5 years ago in my kitchen for reasons. I love shotgunning beers, but I’ve seen a lot of people mess it up just because everybody is too embarrassed to ask how to do it. People always trying to look cool with stuff like this when it’s inherently a ridiculous thing to do. I’d also seen people slice their fingers and thumbs off (BEST CASE SCENARIO) when making the hole and slice their lips off (WORSE CASE) when drinking because they didn’t make the can hole right.

Then this past year, the views shot up again around April, right after quarantine was announced and again in August, for Hot at Home Summer. Which if we’re being completely honest… is hilarious. And I’m not sure why they shot up on CHRISTMAS but I can only imagine the gifts were already in Santa’s Sleigh at that point, and people weren’t worried about the naughty or nice lists anymore.

People just at home, shotgunning beers left and right. Maybe zoom shotgunning? I guess we’ll never know. Anyway, enjoy the video!

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