Thank god for Marvel. Oh wait, Loki’s a god, isn’t he? Do we thank him? No no.. he’s the God of mischief, not the God of Entertainment. Who would that be? Kevin Feige?

Well we should all just count our lucky stars that in a year of quarantine, in a year where production on all sorts of movies and tv shows slammed to a halt (2020 was the first year we didn’t get an MCU movie since 2009), in a year where we’re all just stuck on our couches for the betterment of society… Marvel decided to release a new piece of episodic glory every week for the full year.

WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Shang Chi, Hawkeye, plus movies for Black Widow movie and Spider-Man … we’re set and thank you Marvel we really appreciate it.

PS if you haven’t started Wandavision, get on it. Amazing show

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