I can’t recommend Eight Sleep enough. Get yours HERE

Perhaps you’ve seen the video:

We had Eight Sleep co-founder Alexandra Zatarain on the podcast to talk about Sleep and the information she gave us was a little overwhelming, but actually amazing. Sleep is literally the most important thing you can do to better your life. Makes you happier, healthier, sexier, taller, you name it. One interesting takeaway was that Eight Sleep calls themself a “Sleep Technology” company, that happens to sell mattresses. Either way, I’ve been sleeping on the Pod Pro from Eight Sleep for a while now and here are my main takeaways.

The Temperature Control is a GAME CHANGER. I’ve always been a hot sleeper, and temperature control is everything you want it to be. I no longer wake up int he middle of the night half sweaty, needing to flip over until I invariably wake up again from sweating on the other side. You’ve heard the term “Cooler than the other side of the pillow” or maybe you havent if you weren’t born in 1920, but the rule of cool applies. Also while my side of the bed is cold as ice, my girlfriends’ half of the bed is toasty warm because she’s a tiny human and we have opposite bodies.

The Vibration Wake-Up is actually really pleasant. If you’ve ever used your iPhone as an alarm clock you know that familiar “Prison break alarm” sound that shocks you awake. The vibration alarm is a lot gentler, so much so that I actually feel it in my dream and softly open my eyes. Very Inception.

The Sleep Stats are Cool, if Sleep Stats interest you. Since we’ve been talking to sleep specialists on the podcast and recovery is the newest fad in the fitness world, tracking HRV and counting the number of times you tossed and turned is really fun for me. I can see how it might not be as interesting if sleep fitness isn’t your main interest, but still cool to track.

I can’t recommend Eight Sleep enough. Get yours HERE

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