Do you want to feel like James Bond or Tony Stark? Maybe both? Well you’re in luck because Bose came out these new sunglasses with personal speakers and microphone built into the frame. INTO THE FRAME. Meaning you get all the audio and oral capabilities but you don’t actually have anything in your ear. Play music, take calls, and enjoy the sun with UVA/UVB protection. I got to play around with them and to be honest, they’re pretty sweet.

They come in 3 models: the Alto Large, the Alto Small, and the Rondo.

Check them out at BEST BUY (Bose Frames Alto Large) (Bose Frames Alto Small) (Bose Frames Rondo)

I really like the look and feel and the idea is super cool. Also having people think you’re enthralled while you’re really listening to a podcast would be ideal. Think about Golfing, Jury Dury, taking an exam… lot of good opportunities here.

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