This one was very fun and the one I was most nervous to do… even though it ended up being the easiest one. All i had to do was stand there while my friends ripped on me. Life imitates art!

hahah plus the makeup was willllllld

Funny Or Die In Take It Outside, four friends get back to nature and try to thrive in the great outdoors — without killing each other.

First, they’ll have to figure out how to set up a tent. You’d think that’s something they’d know, or maybe look up beforehand. But these guys quickly prove useless when they can’t even open the box. When a group of four other campers show up to the next campsite over with a beautiful tent, bunkbed cots, and even a shower, they begin to question whether or not they should even be camping in the first place.

These guys are not cut out for this. Luckily this is only the beginning!


Director, Writer: Neil Garguilo
Producer: James Risolo
Executive Producer: Chris Michael
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
Executive Producer: David Saint


Chad LeBaron
Max Weisz
Dean Sharpe
Tommy Bechtold

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